ArcSoft WebCam Companion Download

Webcam applications have different objectives. Some focuses on the security factor, while others concentrate on fun aspect. By no means, ArcSoft's WebCam Companion falls into the second group. WebCam Companion is a multitask webcam utility designed not only to enhance the overall quality of the video, but also to add some cool effects to your video feeds and capture streamed content. It carries out different tasks, starting from practical such as photo editing, through fun, like funky masks and gadgets, to serious, such as its monitoring feature. The latter comprises some advanced features such as motion detection and face recognition. The ability to capture capture 3D and HD video and still images can spice up your experience with WebCam Companion. Making it easy to share your images on Facebook, Twitter, and other Web sites, results in the application being extremely flexible and user-friendly.

The application features sleek and eye-candy interface, where all the features are nicely organized in the main window. You can find there “Capture” for managing your Webcam, “Masque” for morphing your face with various masks, “Fun Frame”, “Edit” or “Monitor” with face and motion detection.

As regards effects and fun, you also have plenty of choice. The inclusion of wide collection of photos , funky frames and masques, lets you jazz up your images.
Easy to use with a friendly GUI and dedicated tools for video and photo editing, and monitoring, the WebCam Companion earns a high spot on the webcam applications list.