Perfect Fake Webcam Download

Nowadays most people use webcams on daily basis, but some of them simply do not want to share the real photos.  And there is a solution to their problem.  A webcam can be easily emulated with the use of application such as Fake Webcam. It is and easy to use tool that  can use any video and still images and act as a traditional webcam.

Perfect Fake Webcam’s interface is pretty simple, but not very attractive.  The buttons are poorly translated and have difficult to read fonts. It also lacks some basic features, but still it does its job pretty well, so heads up.

All you need to do is to select one or more movie files you want to stream, and press the play button. The application features a slew of templates that allows adding backgrounds, frames and other animations to your video clips. Another nice feature is a preview function for videos that lets you examine movies before streaming them from your computer through an instant messaging application or Flash websites. Fake Webcam provides support of a wide range of chat programs. Some of these include: Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Google Talk or ICQ, just to name the most popular ones.

You can try Fake Webcam for free only for 30 days. Maybe it’s not the best in its class, but is definitely worth trying app if you are looking for such an application.