Mario Forever Galaxy Download

Who among you don't know Mario, a series of famous games for Nintendo (and many other platforms). Mario Forever Galaxy is a free shoot'em all game set in Mario universe. You can choose among a few characters (Mario, Luigi, Toad and Samus). Your aim is to explore galaxies, eliminate new enemies (known quite well from previous Mario games) and to steer your space ship out of danger. Every level ends with a mighty boss, in the meantime you have to improve your weapons to be able to get through incresingly difficult missions.

Among the advantages of Mario Forever Galaxy is intuitive steering, enchanting gameplay, ridiculously good music and 2D graphics that is pleasent to an eye. As many as 60 various types of weapons are available, and each of the items can be upgraded a few times. Your missions will take place on eight worth exploration planets. The game is a sequel to Mario Forever, so if you have come across that game you may like some of the related content.  

All in all, Mario Forever Galaxy is a great game to spend you time on.