I-Doser Free Download

I-Doser Free is a freeware version of a program whose task is to put its user into a certain mood and states by using technology that has an influence on the synchronization of brain hemispheres, thus making brain experience certain states. In this case the role of the stimulus goes to specifically created audio tracks that thanks to their frequency have impact on your mood, state and the way you see the world around you.

The program helps to improve your mood, to shift your focus or to simply meditate, Zen style. There are exceedingly many uses for I-Doser, so all depends on what dose will you take. Doses are nothing different than interesting names for audio files in a special file format, which has a characteristic of quite static sound with certain bitrate frequency. The authors offers a wide variety of audio paths which can put your mind into different states. There are simple adaptations, such as improving your focus, speeding up learning processes or simply relaxing after a hard day of work. However, the range of the program is limited only by the imagination of the author of the certain dose. You can also find sounds that help to quit smoking, eliminate headaches, simulate narcotic states or those that help to enhance Lucid Dreaming abilities.

With the free version of the program you get three audio tracks - Alcohol, Content and Sleeping Angel. The first track - the name speaks for itself - is entertaining, lasts for 35 minutes, and its effects are supposed to be similar to having a few gin and tonic drinks. Content is a much more calm track that is supposed to give you - surprise - the feeling of contentment, calm you dawn and help to "charge your batteries" after a hard day at work. The last track available is named Sleeping Angel - this one lasts for 25 minutes and is supposed to work as a natural sleeping pills for those users who experience problems with falling asleep, or who want to take a nap after a difficult day at work.

There are, however, more possibilities, as on the author's site you will find a vast variety of other tracks for pretty much any occasion - there are even tracks that are supposed to enhance the skills of the players according to the genre of the game they are playing (strategies, RPG, shooters). Due to the specific character of these tracks it is advised to listen to them on headphones, as listening on the loudspeakers may not bring expected effects.