Prey Anti-Theft Download

Prey is a website client that allows you to track your devices and protect them from theft. The program has a lot of functions that allow you to locate a missing laptop, tablet or smartphone. Prey performs a report from the device and sends it to the online user panel, from which you can read the necessary information about the current situation of the missing equipment. It is worth noting that Prey does not exist as an application on the system - the program runs as a background service, you will not find a traditional interface. Because of this, the average thief will not guess that spyware may be installed on the device.

All program support has been moved to the user panel on After logging in, you have access to our devices that have been associated with the account. Here, you can customize the information Prey collects about our device. You have at your disposal locating the device using the GPS module, capturing information about the network status, the list of active connections and the nearest WiFi access points. You can also set the creation of screenshots and, most interestingly, set Prey in such a way that with each report it takes a photo with the camera built into the laptop, so there is a chance that will capture the thief in the photo.

In addition to the function of reporting information to the user panel, Prey allows us to remotely take control of the device. You can trigger an alarm on the device, which will beep for 30 seconds, as well as display a warning message on the desktop. Prey also allows you to make more radical moves, such as remotely deleting cookies in the browser and saved e-mail passwords or simply blocking the device until you enter the unlock password.