Jamendo Download

Jamendo is a music service that differs significantly from other music sharing ideas: instead of sharing tracks that may or not may be obtainable legally, indie artists can make their songs avaiable to gain more listeners and become better known. This service is home to many different licences, and users and professionals can look out here to find and download new songs, either for free or for a small fee.

Jamendo proves particularly useful for indie music fans, because without registration you can stream any number of tracks you may want. By now, the site has almost 400,000 tracks published, and many of them can be downloaded without any costs, thanks to a Creative Commons licence. If you want to support a certain artist you can donate any sum of money you want. You will, of course, find no mainstream stuff on this site; however, this is a disadvantage to only some users.

Furthermore, audio professionals are provided with a great pro service. Jamendo takes and turns their music into on-hold music and muzak streams, as well as manage the legal issues (such as licensing) and takes only a fraction of the fee for itself, leaving the rest of the money for others. All things considered, with Jamendo both indie music fans as well as professional musicians can benefit from accessing and sharing music content legally and for free.