Mapy Google Download

Google Maps is a Web application that allows you to browse the maps of cities, regions and countries, all around the world. Most of the interface is covered with the satellite photos of a chosen area. You can also set your default location - the application will start its work from that place.

The country and specific area you choose both matter when you want to compare the number of details. The biggest cities and main communication paths are documented most accurately. To zoom in use your mousewheel or a slide on your left. You can wander around the palce with a circle-shaped navigation bar or by left-clicking on your mouse.

Google Maps comes also with a module known as Street View. To turn it on you have to zoom maximally into an area or place an orange human figure in a chosen location using the drag-and-drop method. Street View allows to walk around the streets and watch buildings, cars and interesting places.

The upper right corner presents the layers menu. You can switch between the grid map (a typically map-like plan) and satellite photos. You can also add information concerning traffic, weather, bicycle paths, as well as landmarks and museums (based on Wikipedia entries). These features work in a chosen area.

The left sidebar allows you to set up your routes. Pick up your starting place and destination, and pick up your mean of transport (a car, city transport, on feet, by a bike). You can also choose My places button that allows you to create maps with your own markers.

This last feature proves especially useful when you want to, for example, show your company's location on your website or inform your friends about your new living address. The code can be put on a website by clicking on a chain button ("Link"). You can choose among standard URL address and embedded script.

Google Maps - just like any other Mountain View company's services - are equipped with a search engine that, let's be honest, works somehow strangely. However, since it supports speech recognition it may prove useful when e.g. using your smartphone or tablet as a GPS navigation tool.