Avira Internet Security 2013 Download

Avira Internet Security is one of the most widely used Antivirus programs on the market, its fame has been earned by creating protection solutions that work exceptionally well. The best part is that it is entirely free. Although it is a fantastic protection tool it is best used alongside other system based antivirus tools. Windows Defender is a great option for this. The basic operation of this tool consists of analyzing your computer in search of threats and when one is located, it will be extracted for its most exhaustive analysis in the cloud. In this way, the computer will be freed from an accentuated consumption of system resources and in this way use them in what it really has to do. In this way, we can enjoy a quick analysis with the detection of viruses and other threats in real-time.

A digital fingerprint of the infection found on your computer will be sent to Avira's specific servers, in this way, as we mentioned before, it will be analyzed in-depth with the most up-to-date data on threats and they will determine whether or not it is really a threat. After the checks have been made Avira Protection will send you a report on the status of the file sent to the cloud. If it is really a dangerous file a grey zone file, or a false positive. Any files deemed dangerous will automatically be removed. There is absolutely no need to fear that third parties can access your files when they are sent to the cloud, more specifically to Avira's servers, since any file that Avira requests to be analyzed in the cloud will be automatically encrypted and no other user will be able to access them.