Belarc Advisor Download

Belarc Advisor is a simple yet fully-featured program that builds a comprehensive profile of your software and hardware components. It alerts users you to updates and hotfixes, shows the antivirus status, computer benchmarks, and so on. With Belarc Advisor, you do need to grow roots on looking for manuals and any other specific documentation.
At first sight, Belarc Advisor seems to be program designed for professionals but in fact it is a fairly simple program. It is addressed to both novices and experts alike. Once you fire it up, it scans your computer and displays a detailed report in your default web browser. The included information covers everything you would expect to be there, starting from network mapping and software solutions to user accounts.

Besides comprehensive report about everything about your computer, the application brings some extra features.
All things considered, Belarc Advisor is definitely one of the most fastest and reliable system information tools, that will provide you with all the system information you ever wanted. It requires as little input from your part as possible and the results are displayed in a matter of seconds. As a result, even brand new users will get around the application easily and quickly.