WindowBlinds Download

While enhancing the appearance of Windows seems to be really challenging job, WindowBlinds lets you easily change every single detail the operating system.

It is one of the most popular customization tool that offers absolutely great set of features, each of them supposed to modify the looks of your desktop without any hassles. With WindowBlinds you can customize extra configuration settings such as the ability to choose the color you want to apply on your window skin.

Basically, with WindowBlinds you can change completely the look of the Windows. Some of these changes may concern visual style , the wallpaper, screensavers, sounds, desktop icons and much more.

The program combines these and other functions into one clean, intuitive interface, making all of the most useful features easy to access. The interface resembles a Windows feature

Unlike its competitors, WindowBlinds allows you to tweak the transparency for the Start Menu, Taskbar, and menus.

WindowBlinds brings lots of available choices, users can choose from a number of options on tabs for Styles, Colors, Textures, Wallpapers, and Transparency.

Users can spend a lot of time playing around with the application before they finally find a look that suits their preferences and style. There are thousands more visual themes available online, so you can easily download them form the developer’s website, but WindowBlinds also works with a separate tool called SkinStudio, which can be used to create skins.

Overall, WindowBlinds is extremely easy to use and provides lots of customization options for even better personalization. It is recommended to those who needs an easy to use tool that can change Windows look, and make it truly special as WindowBlinds lets you easily customize almost every detail on your system.