ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall Download

When it comes to choosing firewall that will constantly analyze traffic to identify all online threats, ZoneAlarm Pro is among the best choices. It’s a powerful security solution that will make sure your computer is protected against identity theft, phishing, spyware and other internet attacks.

ZoneAlarm Pro's interface, though, may appear to be a bit overwhelming but with a bit of effort the application can be handle by all kinds of users. It’s also highly customizable, so it is advisable to have a glimpse in the settings menu and adjust it to your preferences.

The main window is neatly organized into three sections: the dashboard at the top, the Tabs section on the left, and the settings area taking up the rest of the screen.

The tab section allows users to select features and settings they find useful such as an overview, firewall, program control, anti-spyware, antivirus monitoring, e-mail protection, privacy, identity protection, alerts and logs.

Among the best things about ZoneAlarm Pro is its two-way firewall, identity theft protection and online backup services. The software also offers control feature that gives you full control over the programs that require internet connection, detects dangerous websites that are involved in phishing or spyware distribution.

Another great feature is a privacy control feature, which protects your personal information from being accessed by unwelcomed visitors. You can also use the spyware protection utility, which gives you the option of configuring the detection, treatment, exceptions, and prevention settings. When combined with Antivirus protection feature that's included in the program, you get a complete security application that will make sure you are safe all the time.

ZoneAlarm Pro features an e-mail protection function which automatically blocks attachments evere time when it suspects them of being threats.

Nowadays the e-commerce is gaining more and more popularity but it often carries the risk of losing valuable data, such as bank accounts, usernames, etc. Therefore the identity protection feature protects your private information, by keeping them in the built-in vault. Gamers , on the other hand, will be pleased to discover the 'Game Mode' that disables most of the alerts so users can enjoy their gaming experience.

The application was created with a sole purpose to protect your computer from dangerous traffic by blocking all the computers from accessing your PC. There is also the possibility to add your favorite ones to the Trusted list or you can even block some. Whenever an unknown computer tries to connect to your system for the first time, you will be informed about it and then you are to decide whether it’s safe or dangerous.

This program offers a good firewall protection, packed with a wide range of features and options that give you the chance to control your e-mail attachments, privacy settings, and personal data.

All things considered, ZoneAlarm Pro proves to be a reliable security solution, offering ease of use yet solid protection in a highly customizable and user friendly package.