GIMP Download

Being one of the most powerful image editors around, as a freeware general-purpose application GIMP cannot be compared to any other program because it is indeed incredibly eminent. Providing almost everything the other graphic giants offer – but without a price tag – GIMP proudly stands against as a free tool ideal not only for professional photographers and Web designers who have to create high-quality images on a budget, but also for amateur who need a friendly and easy to work with application for everyday use.

When working with GIMP, its user deals with channels, layers and masks that enable to edit, cut, copy and paste images without interfering with them. A rich variety of filters and effects, tabbed palettes, editable text tools make GIMP a great program for creating projects, posters, cards and many more. Fresh improvements such as GEGL integration for 32-bit support, dynamic brushes and regex-based pattern matching lets the program compete with the best paid applications. GIMP supports many image formats and saves the results of the user's work in numerous types of files without having to download additional plugins. But there are many addons that allow to improve GIMP's functions even more.

The application can work mechanically using built-in scheme language, but also Perla, Pythona, Tcl or Ruby. GIMP can be used to create graphics do on demand by using CGI script.

Customizable interface

Different environment is required for tasks of various kinds, that is why GIMP lets you adjust to your workplace the way you like it , change arrangements of the elements without any problems, customize the view. Moreover you can change the view of the icons and the colour and adjust tool sets in the toolbox. Users’ interface is divided into so called docks, so you can put them into tabs, place them in the scrollbars or keep them open in the separate windows. If you want to hide it , press the tab key.
Gimp features a great fullscreen mode , which allows you to not only use the most of every pixel of your screen making your editing work easier but also preview your artwork.

Photo enhancement

One of the strongest point of the GIMP is the ability to delete countless defects readily. If you have a problem with perspective distortion, which is caused by lens tilt, select corrective mode in the transform tools. By using powerful but on the other hand user friendly filter, lens’barrel distortion and vignetting can be easily removed. GIMP also features channel mixer which enables you to change the look of the photos the way you like.
Digital retouching
GIMP is a perfect solution for advanced photographers who use different retouching techniques.The included clone tool removes unwanted details and the healing tool retouches minor details. Cloning pictures or parts of them is more comfortable and faster with the perspective clone tool.

Hardware support

GIMP supports many rare facilities specific for this kinds of program. GIMP supports a wide range of USB i MIDI controllers and different types of tablets. You can faster your workflow with high tech program features. For example change the size of the toolbox or ascribe scripts to buttons.

File formats

GIMP supports different file formats, starting from the most popular such as JPEG (JFIF), GIF, PNG, TIFF and ending up on special use formats like multi-color –depth icons or with differential resolution. GIMP’s architecture can be extended with a plug -in. Users can find support for rare formats in the GIMP Plugin registry.

GIMP offers loading and saving files from distant locations thanks to support for protocols such as FTP, HTTP or even SMB (MS Windows shares) and SFTP/SSH.r . It is possible to save any format with an extension for instance, ZIP, GZ or BZ2,to save disk space and then GIMP will automatically compress the file without putting unnecessary effort into it.