UltraVNC Download

UltraVNC is the program that displays the screen of another computer on your screen via the Internet connection. It enables users to control the other computer using mouse or keyboard remotely.

When installing the program, users will be asked to choose how they plan to use it, i.e. as a server, as a client or as both. Obviously, users will have to customize other configuration options but this task may be too demanding for inexperienced users so it is advised to leave those options as they are.

While employing UltraVNC as a server it is demanded to use two different passwords. One is used for having a full control of the computer, whereas the other is used for the view mode. To use the program as a client, users will need to have the server IP together with the password in order to set up a connection. Best of all, is the fact that it leaves a minimal footprint on both computers resources and that it makes it possible for users to select resolution you want to employ on the remote computer.

All things considered, UltraVNC is a very handy piece of software that puts the bar high for other programs of its type.