007 Email Verify Express Download

007 Email Verify Express is a professional and fast tool for handling mailing lists. Thanks to it you will save time and money. The application has many tools that will be very helpful in providing assistance to mailing lists.

The main features of 007 e-mail Verify Express:

  • Quick action. Thanks to multithreading the program can verify about 100 000 messages per hour
  • The program checks the e-mail addresses and messages, then only those which pass the checks are sent to the consignee
  • Increases performance mailing list. Thanks to him, we can save time and money
  • Removes duplicate email addresses
  • Reduces the risk of undelivered messages
  • It has many tools that can help you with mailing lists
  • Very easy to use
  • The program is able to import the list of addresses very quickly, about 100 000 addresses in less than 6 seconds.

  • Up to 200 letters can be verified
  • The results can not be saved
  • Nag screen