Azureus Vuze Download

Azureus Vuze is one of the most complex and advanced BitTorrent clients. It lets you search, download, play and share your files with P2P options. Featuring an enormous number of plugins it is bound to meet the requirements of every user.

The program has been created to enable users to use just one application when dealing with BitTorrent network. Not only is this client proficient in downloading files but it also includes searching and playing media.

A built-in search engine is powerful, working both with a few pre-defined services and Yahoo engine as well as with the user-defined subscriptions. RSS can be added either when browsing the Web or using the searcher.

BitTorrent download manager is an efficient, user-friendly feature that allows to download a few files simultaneously as well as to queue them, set priority flags, limit transfer and so on. It works also when using VuzeRemote – an application that lets you manage files from your Internet browser or a smart phone, so you have control over your downloads from virtually any place.

A built-in HD player is equipped with the newest releases of codecs, so you can play a movie directly with Vuze without installing additional data. The program supports media storage devices such as Android smart phones, iPhones and PSP consoles, showing them automatically on the list of the active devices. By simply grabbing and dropping files you can copy music, video, images.

The program got recently stripped of seemingly useless tabs such as “Friends” and focused just on P2P data sharing options.

Azureus is addressed to rather more advances users who enjoy modifying settings according to their needs and may be too difficult to handle for the beginners.