Adobe Audition Download

Adobe Audition software brings you high-performance along with tools for audio editing , mixing, restoration, and effects that are simple and intuitive yet powerful. You can record, mix, edit and master digital audio files using great tools that help you to control and bend your desktop audio. Whether you want to create and record your own music, produce radio spots or improve faulty recording, Adobe Audition helps you to bring together smart integration with Adobe's video applications.  

This version of the program allows you to:

  • Stretch your clips in real-time
  • Align speech automatically and flawlessly
  • Manage easily EUCON and other control surfaces
  • Automatize your parameters
  • Correct and adjust pitches
  • Efficiently manage your sessions with powerful scheduling tools
  • EUCON and other control surface support
  • Expand your outpu options
  • Adjust standard loudness accordingly to your needs
  • Play videos in high definition