TransMac Download

You don't have to be a hipster to use a Mac, and you don't have to be a geek to enjoy Windows; but what if these two worlds collided or, to be more straightforward, you needed to handle some Mac-typical file formats (Iomega, Zip, Jaz, SyQuest, optical, etc., etc.) on a Windows-run computer? Macintosh users boast about their OS better managing Windows' stuff and, unfortunately, this is true.

However, with Acute Systems' Trans Mac you can easily copy and read any files and folders saved in Apple's formats, stored on drives and memory devices. Even Mac-formatted flash drives, hard drives, and storage devices can be handled by the program. Furthermore, TransMac allows to browse and burn disc images, along with .dmg and .sparseimage format files.

TransMac can be installed from an exe or zip file, and the installation wizard provides you with a vast array of options, such as creating file associations. The program can be used for free for up to fifteen days.

TransMac has a simple, user-friendly interface that proves very intuitive, all due to the fact that the program has a typucal Explorer-style layout with toolbars and sidebars similar to those of Windows. The theme of the program can be modified, with hidable toolba icons, a left-side sidebar with a tree-view disk menu, and column headings can be dragged and changed according to your preferences. In the Options there are separate settings for PC and Mac. In General Settings you can modify the options for burning discs.

Should you have problems with handling the files, TransMac offers an extnsive Help file, along with a Quick Start guide that has a plenty of screenshots, and there is also a Troubleshooting Guide.