CinemaCraft Encoder SP Download

Cinema Craft Encoder SP allows you to directly encode AVI, QuickTime and DV files into pristine, DVD compliant MPEG-2 streams, or beautiful MPEG-1 streams for delivery on CD-ROM or the Internet. Cinema Craft SP gives unprecedented control over the MPEG encoding process and delivers professional results in record time.

Here are some key features of "Cinema Craft Encoder SP":

· Changes of GUI
· Automatic resolution conversion function on DVD/SVCD/VCD mode
· Automatic file size calculation
· 3:2 pulldown
· Automatic adding of encoding pass for more accurate inverse 3:2 pulldown
· De-interlacing function
· 4:1:1 -> 4:2:2 interpolation
· Allow adaptive quantization matrices switching for multi-pass VBR
· Provide an option of outputting bottom field first stream
· Y and C parameters for dithered quantization
· Automatic switching of block scan order
· Blanking function
· Quality improvement in fades on a static scene
· Adjustment for black frames
· Monochrome encoding mode
· Save/load template to/from file
· Reuse of the last modified parameter setting
· Save/load a chapter list
· Shut down the system when finished encoding
· Play sound when finished encoding.