Alarm Clock Download

Alarm Clock is a free and easy to use application that you can use to schedule an alarm on your computer for each day of the week.

The interface of the program is beautiful and intuitive. You can schedule alarm times for each day separately or set a single alarm for the whole week.

The application displays a list where you can check out the date, time, repetition status, sound and message of each event. When the alarm tinkles, you can hit the "Ok" button or set a snooze interval for several minutes. What is nice about the app, is that you are allowed to choose your very own alarm tune, MP3 or WAV file.

Besides, you can change the look of the interface, set Alarm Clock to automatically run at system startup, view expired events, preview media files, and more. Unfortunately, you cannot change the message when alarm trigger, so that you will always be greeted with ÔÇśHello!ÔÇÖ.
The program uses reasonable amount of system resources.
Alarm Clock is a handy tool if you want to be better organized. If you happen to oversleep to work, Alarm Clock should be your go-to-tool.