If you are using TikTok to find and listen to popular songs that are trending, this article will show you how to quickly and easily see what music is trending on TikTok without having to trawl through unreliable Google Search results. It will also allow you to make sure you know what popular tracks to use when posting TikTok videos.


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TikTok has gained massive popularity over the last 12 months seeing a huge surge in user account creation and active users. Although there have also been some serious privacy and security implications, the hype behind TikTok doesn’t seem to be fading. As well as dragging some users to instant fame, TikTok has also been a driving force in popular song culture, with some artists seeing huge success from TikTok videos going viral.

As trends come and go it’s important to make sure you are using the most relevant music for your TikToks to get the best outcome and most visibility. As trends and fads move at an incredibly fast pace, keeping up with them can be tricky, which is why we’ve tracked down one of the quickest, easiest, and most reliable sources for tracking TikTok music trends. Simply using what’s popular from sources like Spotify, Apple, Music, and YouTube won’t necessarily measure up on TikTok.

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Where’s the best place to find out what songs and music is trending or popular on TikTok?

As we mentioned above, simply using traditional music trend and music ranking sources such as Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Google Music, etc isn’t going to guarantee you the best and most popular track for your content. This is where Tiktometer can step in and give you the best and most up to date TikTok music trend data.

Tiktometer is a simple TikTok music trend tracking website and tracks the Top TikTok songs each week. It also has a backlog of TikTok song trends listed by month, so you can check what was popular and trending going back as far as August 2018. The data is collected by a specifically designed tool that fetches data directly from TikTok so you know the information you are getting is accurate and very update to date.

Tikometer lists the tops songs along with a little bit of information about each, including the number of views and how many popular videos it’s featured in. Along with its increase or decrease in popularity. Just remember while this TikTok song trending information is quite handy if you are producing content, it doesn’t automatically mean you are going to be a hit on the viral App. So keep trying to get that top hit!

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