When you’re a creator, you need simple tools and resources at your fingertips that you can quickly put to work. Premiere Pro provides templates that you can then adjust to meet your needs. There are different ways to customize shortcuts and you should take advantage of the ability to do so. The more you engage and customize the program, the better your results will be. Customization helps save you time, money, and a lot of stress as you work through all of your creating and editing work.

Learn more below about how to customize shortcuts and how those shortcuts benefit you.

About Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is an Adobe software that is used across the globe for creative purposes. Professionals and experts use this software to edit videos for many different uses. Some of the top movies, TV shows, and films have been edited in some capacity within Premiere Pro.

A lot of people appreciate the ability to integrate their favorite creative tools or apps so they aren’t limited on their creations. This is where shortcuts will come in handy. When you’re integrating clips and templates, you need compatibility within the app to ensure you can create and edit without limitations.

Premiere Pro is an advanced software so give yourself some grace as you get to know the platform and learn all the capabilities.

Learn the Different Types of Shortcuts

You will find that within Premiere Pro, the majority of shortcuts are going to be keyboard commands. But we don’t all have the same needs when we are creating, which is why customization is a huge benefit within the program.

The most popular shortcuts are going to be keyboard shortcuts as well as hotkeys that you define and create to perfectly tailor to your needs. Creating shortcuts will help you be more efficient and be able to complete a step with just the push of a button or two.

Once you know what shortcuts are available, you’re much more likely to be able to prioritize and determine what you want to put to use.

How to Use Shortcuts in Premiere Pro

As you set your shortcuts, it’s a pretty simple process. You just need to head to your templates and edit the project file templates with your settings. You can enable or disable shortcuts that already exist, which may save you some work.

For the most part, establishing shortcuts comes from memorizing simple keyboard commands. You can even create a cheat sheet if that helps you better work through the shortcuts to make things quick and easy.

Before you set up unique customized shortcuts, consider some of these little-known options.

  • Slip Tool
  • Ripple Edit or Delete
  • Group and Ungroup
  • Audio Remix
  • Add Transition
  • Enable and Disable
  • Synchronize
  • Paste or Remove
  • Close Gap

All of these shortcuts already exist so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. It’s only if you need something outside of what is available that you should start creating your shortcuts.

To create your own, just go to your menu, select edit, and choose keyboard customization to set them up!

The Benefits of Using Shortcuts in Premiere Pro

Time is money, isn’t it? If you’re spending tons of time flipping back and forth or manually making edits, it reduces your overall workflow. The point of establishing shortcuts and creating your shortcuts is to help you improve your process so you can be more efficient with your work and creativity.

Memorizing your shortcuts will be the biggest challenge, but if you can make yourself a list of keyboard commands for quick reference, you will quickly get to know your most commonly used shortcuts.

Your workflow and how quickly you can move through it is what determines how much you can create or complete in a setting. When you’re creating things in Premiere Pro, you need efficiency and these shortcuts will help you get there. We’ve also found that a lot of people go out and buy plug-ins rather than just using the tools that already exist. This is because they don’t know the tools exist.

Final Thoughts

Understanding and learning how to use Premiere Pro takes time. Integrating shortcuts and utilizing your favorite external templates is a great way to improve your workflow and create or edit at a much more efficient pace. You have nearly unlimited solutions within this software so take the time to get to know the details and put it to work. As you advance with your knowledge, you will be a pro at it.