A short guide showing you how to disable the expanded message preview in the Windows 10 mail app, which shows the first line of text for any emails in your inbox or other mail folders. This not only saves space but makes for a much more tidy, practical and user-friendly experience when using the mail app.


How to Reset the Windows 10 Mail App if it's Not Functioning Properly.

It’s standard for most mailing apps and clients to display the first line or two of an email as a preview, Windows 10 is no different. Windows 10 does, however, include an option to disable it. If you work in a crowded office or have a public workspace, then having this option is going to be quite useful. Another added plus of disabling the message preview text is that each message takes up less space on your email list, so you can see more messages at a time. Whatever your reasons for wanting to disable the preview line on Windows Mail, this guide will show you how.

Disabling Windows 10 Mail’s Message Previews Function.

To get started, launch the Windows Mail app however you normally would. Once it is open in front of you, you will need to locate the Settings menu. (The small Cog icon at the bottom wedged between the two panes on the left-hand side of your screen.)


Clicking the Settings cog will open a new pane on the right-hand side of your mail app, from this pane you need to find the option called Reading, It’s fifth on the list.


Inside the Reading menu scroll down until you find the subheading Conversation, first on the list of options under this subheading is the option to enable or disable Show Preview Text. Simply click this option once to disable the preview line from all your emails in all your inboxes. You will notice the effect take place instantly on the other side of your screen.


Note: Depending on how many accounts you have, make sure that you tick the box to enable on all accounts if you wish for this setting to become universal. If you only want it to use it on your work account select it from the drop-down list.

Now, you will no longer see the first line of text in every email within the Windows 10 Mail app. However clicking on an email will still open it into the right pane making it visible, even if you haven’t double-clicked to open it. Unfortunately, this option cannot be turned off as of yet. You can, however, use a workaround, which is to simply use your mouse to change the width of the window, decreasing the preview pane to whatever size you find appropriate.

Completely off topic, while you have the settings pane open, you can also change the color scheme and background image of the preview pane. In order to do this simply click on the Personalisation option near the top of the list, then make changes to colors, light or dark mode and of course the background image.