It seems CSI inspired photo enhancement software is moving in leaps and bounds, with a new service now offering exceptional photo quality improvements using AI-based processes. The best part is it’s free and in most cases, the results of the AI-assisted enhancement process are even better than what Photoshop can produce.


Four of the Best Online Tools For Editing Portrait Photography. 

This awesome new service has been designed to be exceptionally easy to use and has minimized as much user input as possible, automating the entire enhancement process. The service is called Let’s Enhance and is a free website that uses neural networks and AI to upscale and enhance poor quality, low-resolution photos. (Including images with jpeg artifact contamination) Basically the kind of stuff you see on TV Shows like CSI.

Once you have uploaded your photo, Let’s Enhance will run your image through its network of AI systems, which will upscale your image x4, replace missing detail and textures, and remove most of the JPEG artifact distortion. The process does take some time to process but the results are quite impressive. As let’s Enhance is relatively new, it’s exciting to think how much more potential and growth it has.

Note: Unfortunately as image quality at is optimized for load times, the image comparison might not show the drastic improvements you will see in the final products. If you are viewing from a mobile device you may not see the full potential as images are scaled. 

How to Enhance Poor Quality Photos With AI.

Once you are on the main Let’s Enhance page, you can upload your photos using the drag and drop feature or the standard click and browser option. As soon as you click upload, you will be required to sign in or create an account…. Which is kind of annoying… But worth the effort. 

how to enhance photos like csi

By the time you have created your login, your photos will be processed, ready for you to download, simply click the desired option underneath the image. There are three to choose from, Anti-Jpeg, Boring, and Magic. Personally, I would download all three and decide which one looks best, as the results for each will vary quite a lot, especially in the resizing department and images containing people.

Anti-JPEG: Removes most of the JPEG artifacts, cleaning up the image.

Boring: Upscales the image while preserving as much of the existing detail and edges as possible.

Magic: Uses AI to add/draw in all the details and effects the photo is missing. It works best for images without people and faces. Landscapes and cityscapes seem to work very well. You will notice that sometimes faces lack detail and sharpness when using the magic option, especially around the eyes.

how to resize photos and keep quality

As with most free things, there is a limit to the number of photos/images you can enhance and upscale each day (6) so make sure you prioritize the photos you need fixed first. Hopefully in the future as this technology advances, we will see plugins and services created for programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, GIMP, and even Android and iOS. If you know of another website offering similar photo enhancement services, let us know in the comment section so we can check it out.

Sample pictures in order are Original Quality, Boring Fix, and Magic Fix.

how to enhance photos for free

resize photos and keep quality

enhance photos using ai