If you are using YuZu and have noticed that certain games have started to stutter or have become laggy recently. This article will take you though a few troubleshooting steps you need to take in order to make sure YuZu is configured and optimised correctly for your system.

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YuZu is a clever little piece of software that allows you to play games from a very specific source straight from your PC. It’s also the easiest software of its kind to set up and works brilliantly from the get-go with the default options generally getting you everything you need out of the app without further configuration. Unfortunately, over time you may notice things aren’t running as smoothly as it used to. Thankfully, this isn’t likely to be an issue with YuZu and rather user error.

If you’re new to YuZu you’ve probably spent a bit of time looking through the list of options and noticed that it looks way more complicated than you were expecting, which is and isn’t true at the same time. Schrodinger's Yuzu! For the most part, all you can install YuZu and start using it without adjusting any settings as it automatically detects if your system is using AMD (Vulkan) or NVIDIA (OpenGL).

There are a few exceptions to this general rule though as you will find out as you research certain games in YuZu. You can check out our full guide on configuring YuZu graphics options here.

How do you fix bad performance in YuZu all of a sudden? Fix stuttering and choppiness in YuZu.

Thankfully solving this issue is really, really easy, though you may need to dig a little deeper if these steps don’t work for you. However, they will more than likely solve the problem for you so fingers crossed.

The first thing you need to check are the setting in the bottom left-hand corner of the YuZu window. There are 5 options here that need to be configured correctly. They are quick settings that you may have accidentally changed. All it takes is a single click and they will jump to the next option.

  • If you are using NVIDIA graphics make sure they are set as

How to fix Stuttering and lag in YuZu

  • If you are using AMD Graphics make sure they are set as

How to fix Stuttering in YuZu all of a sudden

As we mentioned earlier, you can deep dive into graphics settings to find an even better set of options. So if you want to do that I’d suggest checking out the following guides, to help you with the process.

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