While we normally use a numeric combination as a password, many companies are struggling to implement new ways of protection. Windows 8 provides a new feature on security by letting you log in with a picture password and experience the new way of logging into your device.

Jak włączyć hasło obrazkowe w Windows 8?

Until then, text passwords or PINs were widely used to protect our PCs from unauthorized access. This requires us to enter the password to login each time we want to restart our computer. However, Windows 8 includes a feature, namely picture passwords that allow you to login to your account with the use of gestures on an image with your finger or your mouse. How does it work?

For this process to work, simply draw your gestures on screen in the same direction as when you created them to unlock the system. These include circles, lines, or taps on any three areas to set up your security. A picture password seems to be designed for touch-screen tablet users only, but PC users can use a mouse to create the gestures, instead if typing in a text password.

How to create a Picture password in Windows 8?

To start with, from the right pane select Settings and click on More PC settings. The settings account will display your user name, e-mail and avatar. From the search results in the left pane, click on the Create or change picture password option to open the User Settings screen. Then you need to enter your current text password to confirm your identity.

After all, the "Welcome to picture password" screen appears explaining how to perform the whole procedure.

The first step involves choosing a picture. So select the Choose picture button from the left pane and Windows will display your Pictures, so that you can select a picture you wish to use for your picture password. Click on the image you wish to apply and then click on the Open button.

You can check how your selected picture will look and if you're satisfied with the picture, click on the Use this picture button.

Once you select an image, you need to configure three gestures that will act as your password. We can draw circles, straight lines and taps. For example, we can create gestures in such a way to unlock the computer with the three clicks in the holes of laces, as it is presented in the picture.

Next create three gestures, and recreate them in the same order. If you successfully recreate gestures, Windows congratulates you. Once you've finished doodling your new password, you can sign in to your system using gestures


If you want to switch to traditional text passwords instead, just go to PC’s settings, access Users tab, and click on Delete in the left pane of the picture password screen.