Skype Download

Skype is one of the most popular video chat and voice calling clients that allows you to call and talk, video chat with other Skype users from all over the world. Skype offers free calls to other users over the Internet as well as the ability to call landlines and phones at much lower rates when using the SkypeOut service and paying with Skype credit.

Skype features free text messaging including its functionalities such as emoticons and avatars. Apart from voice calling the app enables users to have group video conferences up to 9 people, provided they have a webcam.

Skype  can be used both on the mobile phones and the computers. This facility enables you to have friends within easy reach no matter where you are. Skype  works on different types of mobile phones and portable devices such as PlayStation Portable (PSP). You can install Skype or buy devices with built-in Skype software, which are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

Skype’s interface has been tweaked with lots of features and add-ons to improve your chat experience and now focuses more on video chats. The most appreciated feature of Skype are video calls with outstanding functions, like its ability to work perfectly with written chat, contact list and a toolbar so that you just see the video images, and controls while calling. This update also lets users see their own video image built-in on their contact's video and take a snapshot of their own image.

The latest version comes with simple registration process, where users are asked to create an account, use their Microsoft account or sign in with  Facebook or Hotmail as it provides great integration with Facebook. All the accounts can be combined in Skype. You can also call your Facebook friends paying extra money, in case they’re also signed in to Skype you can call them for free. One of the best new features is the automatic call recovery.  
If you use Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo you can easily import your contacts to your profile on Skype and combine it into one Contact list, then you can send an invitation to your friends for free and let them enjoy Skype.

Adding  new friends to the list is very simple, but  we should not associate  Skype only with Internet friends. Skype is ideal for those who do not have an opportunity to use Skype because you can call them to a real phone number with a small fee.

Main characteristics of Skype:
•   Ability to call people on Skype for free, from all over the world
•   Lets users share screens
•   Chat with 100 people at a time in special group chats
•   Free conference calls with 4 people at once
•   SkypeOut feature gives an opportunity to call home phones and mobile phones
•   Excellent sound quality in voice calls
•   Works without a need to configure firewalls, routers and other  securities
•   List of friends shows you who is online and ready to chat
•   User- friendly
•   Every call is encrypted from the start to the end to protect your privacy
•   Based on up to date  peer-to-peer technology