ArcaBit Internet Security Download

An antivirus program ArcaVir Internet Security is an application that will give you security and protection. With this application you can easily and confidently use the internet, bank accounts, do online shopping, browsing the sites, now everything will be as safe as never. ArcaVir Internet Security can also protect you from theft of confidential data and will ensure that your children do not have access to inappropriate websites. The program includes an antivirus and e-mail scanner.

Thanks to ArcaVir Internet Security Your computer is under constant protection. ArcaVir Internet Security protects you not only from viruses but also against other types of malicious software. What's more, the program has the ability to create a backup copy, if needed, all users can take advantage of the program's technical assistance.

Some of the main features of the ArcaVir Internet Security:

Virus Protection:

  • protection against malware
  • e-mail scanner
  • protect data sent over WiFi, Bluetooth and instant messaging
  • proactive security (heuristic)
  • advanced virus database

    Internet Security:
  • firewall
  • HTTP scanner
  • secure e-banking
  • anti-phishing
  • parental protection
  • anti spam

    System requirements:
  • 64MB RAM
  • 60MB free hard disk space
  • Pentium Processor

  • 30 Day Trial