Norton AntiVirus Download

Norton AntiVirus protects your computer against viruses, spyware, bots, worms and other malware and it is light for your PC, not disturbing your work at the same time. The enhanced Norton Protection System is based on multi-layered security technologies that block attacks and remove possible threat before they manager to do any harm to your PC and data.

Norton AntiVirus updates in under 5 minutes on average, which allows it to be always up-to-date and virus database is updated so it has the latest virus definitions. New SONAR 2 technology (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response) monitors your computer to check presence of suspicious behavior to detect and remove the latest threats.

Protection against intrusion secures your computer from Web attacks, which enables you to browse websites safely. New vulnerability protection blocks security holes in your operating system so it prevents cybercriminals to exploit your sensitive data. Hackers are not able to make use of security holes in browsers and other applications with Norton AntiVirus intrusion protection.

With new feature called Norton Performance System you will have strong protection that saves your memory resources and decrease performance impact at the same time. Norton Internet Security offers the shortest install time and the fastest boot time . What is more it the program uses less memory requirements,targets only files at risk and includes the fastest image scanner among any Internet security suite.

Apart from usual antivirus protection , Norton AntiVirus features information tool that informs you about your PC performance, helps prevent infections that can appear in the future. What is more, workload is great and lasts for a long time. Another plus is that, only Norton AntiVirus is supported by Symantec Security Response that provides Total, global protection and the latest threat expertise. Thanks this, our computer has always strong protection , even against the latest viruses.

The Norton AntiVirus application can scan faster and use less memory than any Rother antivirus program in the industry.

Benefits of using Norton AntiVirus:

• blocks and protects your PC against viruses, worms, spyware, bots and many other malware, what makes your computer constantly safe
• Norton Insight makes scanning faster and shorter but effective at the same time
• frequent automatic actualizations protects your PC against the newest malware
• prevents infections by using spam and other communication programs, with Norton AntiVirus you can communicate with your friends without worrying about security
• blocks attack which use security holes in your PCs operating system and protects against infected websites

Main characteristics of Norton AntiVirus:

Designed to speed up performance:
• scans files at risk only with Norton Insight technology
• New! Installation takes less than 1 minute and requires 8MB operating store

Actual security:
• your protection is always actual, you do not need to worry about the latest threats, it updates your protection every 5 minutes
• Offers multi-layered security with advanced Norton Protection System
• protects against programs like bots which can take control of your computer
• detects and removes malware automatically
• Improved! Protects against attacks from the Internet
• detects and removes programs such as spyware, viruses, Trojan horses, bots and worms
• Norton Ongoing Protection provides constant protection, updates program and sets new available features throughout your subscription period, with this facilities your PC is protected against the latest threats
• Norton Automatic Renewal Service makes sure if your product subscription is not expired

Control without disruptions:
• Schedules updating and scanning when you are not using your computer
• every process on your computer is reviewed
• silent mode prevents entertainment interruption, playing games or watching movies will not be disturbed
• scans your home network