AVG Anti-Virus Download

AVG Anti-Virus is one of the leaders of freeware anti-virus applications. Its main parts are a full anti-malware scanning service and a “residential” one that keeps an eye on every step you take, whether it is browsing the Web, checking the mail or installing some data offline.

Apart from standard option, AVG Anti-Virus offers also an anti-rootkit device for keeing safe you very system files (components' drivers, DLL libraries), Identity Protecion for securing your PC against new malicious software and LinkScanner that warns about and blocks potentially dangerous websites.

Though there are several extras you get should you pay for upgrade, it's not worth paying if you don't feel like using AVG for longer than a while. However, when working on Windows XP or Vista you absolutely should have a firewall upgrade, and if it's a free app make sure it works fine with AVG.

The disadvantages? You have to tick out of AVG's toolbar and SafeSearch for your browser if you don't want them, and the toolbar likes to mess quite nastily with your security options. Furthermore, although it doesn't require a reboot after installation, AVG brutally closes your Web browser if it is open during the process.

Whether you choose AVG Free or a 30-day trial of AVG Internet Security, this anti-virus program is a very good way to save you from losing precious data and being spied in the Web.