Comodo Internet Security Premium Download

Comodo Internet Security is a complete protection of your PC against viruses and any online threats. This application was created to provide free protection on many planes. It was designed to supply comprehensible protection thanks to firewall and antivirus combination. Additionally, this tool features anti-hacking system called Defense+.

Commercial antivirus software is usually very truncated in free edition. Comodo Internet Security is very functional and free of charge.
Main features of COMODO Internet Security Premium:
Prevention - based protection:
- Firewall and antiviru stop viruses and other types of malware before they reach your
Sanbox technology:
-it is a virtual environment where trusted programs work, as a result viruses and other malware are isolated from the rest of the computer
Personalized alerts:
- firewall easily learns rules you use while downloading software, taht is why it adjusts alerts about any threats according to your runtime mode and your needs.
Always updated:
- Automatic updates makes your PC secure against the latest viruses
One- click virus scanning:
- If you want to make sure your PC is secure and free of malware, click one simple button
Clear and friendly interface:
- Ability to navigate quickly through firewall window without getting lost among buttons and bookmarks.
Security wizards:
- users can use many wizards, which can configure fast and comfortably some settings
Unique security bookmarks:
- ability to switch between security planes fast and easily at any time
Exclusive safe Comodo’s list:
- a list of over two million files and applications which can be run on our computer without any risk

System requirements:
-128MB of RAM
- 210MB hard disk space