Virtual CD Download

With Virtual CD program, we are able to create a perfect copy of the (virtual CD or DVD) CD to the hard drive of your computer. Thanks to Virtual CD, our original records can be safely stored on the shelf, and we can use virtual CDs with only one click of the mouse.

Virtual CD solves the problem of the annoying sound of the drive, the problems in finding and amending the CD in the drive and slow start of application. With Virtual CD you can create a maximum of 23 virtual optical drives that behave just like the physical drives installed in your computer. In addition, the virtual drives are approximately 200 times faster than traditional drives. The only sound you hear will come from the applications you run.

Virtual CD is fast, convenient and effective. There is no need to handle fragile CDs. Now music, games and various applications that can store the virtual disks, will run faster, and access to them will be also easier and faster. With Virtual CD you can work on several disks at once, thus we do not have to spend money on optical drives.

Virtual CD offers you more than you think!
• Virtual disks can be used in the network
• You can burn virtual disks on real CD or DVD disks
• Virtual disks can be password protected and their content can be encrypted
• With Virtual CD you can create a password on a physical CD or DVD

Virtual CD is high quality without the risk. Millions of private and professional users around the world appreciated what the Virtual CD application offers. The program is on the market since 1998 year, by this time aplication was improved, and now it is very advanced and stable.

If you have at home more than one computer, Virtual CD is an ideal solution for you and your family. With its virtual drives at the same time everyone can benefit from the same disc.

Range of features:

• The ability to create up to 23 virtual drives
• Unlimited number of virtual disks
• Editor allows creation of disk images of any content
• Support for DVD and CD
• A special simple mode for novice users
• Ability to organize virtual disks in folders
• Ability to share virtual disks on the network
• Ability to edit images with built-in editor
• Ability to provide virtual disks password

System requirements:

Pentium 1GHz or faster
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or later
Approximately 100MB of free hard disk space
Monitor resolution of 1024x768 or higher


30 day version