HexEdit Download

HexEdit is a smart and powerful hexadecimal file editor for Microsoft Windows. HexEdit allows the user to view and edit any type of file, no matter what format it is saved in. With a maximum file size limit of 4Gb, HexEdit can cut, copy, paste, insert and delete any amount of data with no decrease in performance with larger files.

With unlimited multi-level undo and redo capability, no matter how large the file, HexEdit brings a new level of control over file editing.

HexEdit is fully Drag and Drop enabled, and allows files to be dropped into any position in the current document, as well as dragging data from the HexEdit window to create individual files in Windows Explorer. Data can also be drag-and-dropped between separate instances of HexEdit, as well as within the current document.

Integrated with HexEdit is a new way to view and edit files: TypeView allows the creation of user-defined structured views comprised of basic data types (byte, word, dword, Ascii and Hex strings). By using TypeView, you can examine file headers or structured portions of a file in an intuitive manner.

Also included with HexEdit is a built-in version of Supercalc, the small but powerful expression calculator.

Doing away with the clumsiness of rows of buttons associated with traditional calculators, with Supercalc you can type the exact expression you want to evaluate. Supercalc can be docked neatly at the bottom of the HexEdit main window to provide a convenient helping hand.