Virtual Folder Download

Virtual Folder allows you to create a virtual disk composed of frequently used folders according to your current needs without moving the original files. What do you use your computer for? Processing files: countless documents, text, images, web pages, videos, etc. Maybe you have already used lots of file management tips and your files are well-organized, but there are still a lot of inconveniences.

Imagine that you need to build a website for a product. You have to get into the directory "D:webproductworkingcompany1" first to create a web page, then open "G:productcompany1 eam2product5introduction" for the text and "E:pictureiconarrowgif" to insert some images, etc. It may drive you crazy if you have to repeat this all day long. If the project is a little larger, you even need to make a note to record what files are needed. Now the situation has changed. Virtual Folder is a simple tool that allows you to create a virtual drive composed of files you need to use and process. It does not need to copy the original files and can be accessed from any program instantly.