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InFirePro description

This internet firewall protection will ensure that your PC will never be infected.

The first function that could be done by InFirePro was to be able to arrange and control the network traffic that was permitted to access the private network or the computer that was protected by firewall. All in all, this application can ensure comprehensive protection against Hackers, Identity theft and Trojans.

By carrying out the inspection against package-paket and monitored the connection that was made, then did filtering towards the connection was based on results of the package inspection and this connection.

Here are some key features of "InFirePro":

· Arranged and controlled the traffic network.
· Protected resources in the network private.
· Access network filtering.
· Real-time active port monitoring.
· Protect port from trojan server and scan for open port.
· Recorded all the incidents, and made a report


· msvbrun.dll