G3 Torrent Download

Feature rich and graphicaly empowered bittorrent client G3 Torrent is a feature rich and graphicaly empowered bittorrent client. It combines a very clean interface with loads of features.

Here are some key features of "G Torrent":

路 Queuing and downloading of multiple torrents. (Starting, stopping, pausing, queue up, queue down etc)
路 Real-time list of peer addresses and their statistics. Reverse DNS toggle-able.
路 Advanced Progress bar graphically illustrates which pieces of the file have been downloaded.
路 A graph to display upload and download rates over time. Each torrent being downloaded has it's own graph record.
路 Optional Web Interface for remote adminstration.
路 Friends Priority System. Friends IP address can be set to get upload preference if they are downloading the same file.
路 Temporary upload priority can be given to peers by right clicking them in the list.
路 Peers can be banned by right clicking them in the list.
路 With torrents that contain multiple files:
路 The user can select the order they will download in.
路 This is usefull in cases where you only really want 1 file in the torrent.
路 Or need certain files to arrive before others.
路 The client will not reject peers who want to upload but do not have pieces from the file that has the immediate download priority.
路 Or they can be downloaded in a random order. (Rarest pieces first algorithm not withstanding)
路 In most cases this is the best strategy. As it is benefits the overall health of the torrent by keeping a wide range of pieces available, and reduces reliance on seeders.
路 "Fast Resume" capability.
路 When restarting or resuming, the client will automatically reconnect to all of those peers you were connected when you either exited the client or paused a torrent.
路 Detailed message view for statistics and error reporting.
路 System tray icon graphically displays upload download statistics.
路 Peer list view can identify and display what client the peer is using. (Azureus, Shadow, and other clients that identify themselves uniquely)
路 Can be set to use user customizable folders for storing torrent and incoming files.
路 User customizable automatic stopping criteria. Torrents can be set to stop:
路 Always automatically stop when download completes
路 Only when there other files in queue
路 Only After seeding for N period of time
路 Only After uploading N% or a ratio of what you have downloaded
路 Never automatically stop
路 User customizable upload choker (the choker determines which peer you upload to):
路 User customizable color settings to change look and feel.
路 User customizable global upload rate.
路 User customizable upload behavior (upload rate / number of uploads)
路 User customizable listening ports, ip bindings
路 Multi-Tracker support
路 Utilizes the Bittorrent 3.4.1a code-base
路 Written in Python. Utilizes wxWidgets.