YoWindow Download

YoWindow is an advanced weather application that shows the weather forecast for any location you choose in an attractive and unique interface. The beautifully animated landscape reflects the current weather conditions of every place in the world. There app features multiple landscapes, these include village, seaside, airport, oriental and sky. What is more, you can turn your very own photos into a landscape, what makes the whole application even more realistic.

Besides having a fully-featured interface, the main window of the program is fully informative. It shows the landscape with weather details concerning current temperature, wind information, pressure, humidity and the weather situation (sunny, cloudy, rainy and so on). Additionally, you can check the forecast for the next couple of days or for different times throughout the day. Yowindow can be set as your default screensaver as well. It can run in full screen mode.

Genereally speaking, YoWindow is definitely an eye-candy piece of software, but it's recommended to watch out for the bundled unnecessary applications it will try to install on your computer.

But overall, Yowindow is a definitely worth checking app as it makes easy to get weather conditions by quickly glancing at the screen and the fact that it's free makes it even more appealing. It is free to try for three days, but is enough to get in love with this app.