SMRecorder Download

If you need a free application to record your desktop because you would like to, for example, create a tutorial to a program – try SMRecorder. This simple desktop recorder allows you to save recordings of what you are doing on your computer.

The program has a very neat and well-designed interface, with minimalistic six buttons and a counter. While three buttons allow you to record tasks (start, pause, or stop the recording process, respectively), another two buttons help you to access the Screen Image Annotation tool along with the save feature. The last of the buttons redirects you to a manual in the Internet that has a plethora of helpful screenshots.

When you access the settings, you have plenty of options to choose among: you can pick Desktop Video, Camera Video, or Desktop/Microphone Sound in Capture Type submenu. You can also set a window recording or full desktop recording, desired resolution, set the duration from 5 minutes to unlimited), and the destination folder in Save Path. In submenu the Video Settings you set the video compression quality, rate of frame capturing, intervals of synchronization, and many more. In Audio you set the recording volume level, delay, channels along with the digital audio sample frequency and bit rate. If you would like to record your video without sound just deselect the Record Audio check box.

While recording video, SMRecorder minimizes to the system tray. The program saves your video in desired format after you stop recording.

All things considered, SMRecorder is a great tool for all those who need a good program for recording their desktop activity and e.g. create tutorials for other users.