Comodo Dragon Download

Although Comodo is a company that is know first and foremost from its anti-malware programs. Now Comodo presents us its Internet browser that is based on Chromium's engine. Comodo Dragon is a fast, minimalistic and lightweight browser that has all the best features of Google Chrome and, thanks to Comodo's long experience in security issues, Dragon's security levels are better than just average.

The user interface is nearly the same as used in Google Chrome. Even the Help window and Extensions tab moves you to help and extensions written for Google Chrome. There is also Incognito mode in the browser which allows to automatically not save cookies and browsing history. There are differences in available settings, as Comodo Dragon has no feature for localization and it does not send statistic reports to Google servers.

Thanks to its great experience in security issues, Comodo implemented a few modifications that improve the safety of the browser. Dragon informs us about the websites that don't have respectable safety certificates and warns about unavoidably sending your data. Dragon also doesn't sens the information about browsing the Internet to external servers.

Comodo Fragon displays the websites at the pretty same pace as Google Chrome does. Apart from its speed, Dragon has one of Chromes unquestionable advantages: it has a minimalistic and readable interface. Comodo Dragon is a perfect browser for all Google Chrome gans who want to have their browser on a higher security level.