Opera Download

Opera is a Norwegian web browser that gains on popularity nowadays. It is a real threat to Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator position on the market. Some of the features built-in: newsgroup reader, ability to open multiple sites in one browser window, polish font support, CSS, Java, JavaScript SSL (128bit), TSL and many others.

Secure and Stable
Keep your online activities safe from outside eyes and viruses. Opera is the most secure Web browser available for both Mac and PC and is W3C Web Standards compliant. Block pop-ups and content you don't want to see.

Super Fast and Free
The Opera Web browser is now free and will access your Web pages 30% faster than IE, and much faster than Firefox when using Tabbed browsing.

Shortcuts and Customization
Easily and quickly create Custom Search shortcuts, use Tabbed Browsing, Restore Closed Windows and Tabs, access Zoom and Image Control, use Mouse Gestures and choose from assorted Skins.