Opera Download

Having its debut in 1994, Opera is the second-oldest browser currently in use and it still doesn't stop to attract new users' attention. Nowadays an increasing number of non-PC machines such as smartphones and tablets is the number one target for Opera's programmers.

Opera is a browser just like all the other good applications: it covers rudimentary features such as tabs, mouse-over previews, advanced tools of bookmarking, modifiable search engine bar, keyboard shortcuts, etc., etc.

Fast installation is only one of its many advantages, though to fully enjoy all the built-in features a MyOpera account is required. However, without such a membership it is still possible to browse. Easy access is provided by the option of creating a portable version of Opera for a USB key.

The interface is intuitive and not difficult to navigate, though its current quite minimalistic design seems to be the effect of heavy influence of Google's Chrome rather than “truly” Opera-like. For years Opera has had a reputation for pointing out new directions and showing fresh, ingenious solutions to everyday problems of WWW surfin.Yet it has to be said that much remains to be done. When it comes to e.g. Opera 12's hardware acceleration it has to be manuall activated and it still requires quite a few brushes. Also separate processes for plugins have already become a standard when it comes to browsing.

What keeps Opera distinct from the other “giants” of the browers' market is its excellently managed integrated mail support. However, it is still worth installing on your machine if you're looking for a reliable, safe browser.