Minecraft Download

Minecraft is a game famous all around the world which hit the heart of many users. The game’s plot involves  killing monsters, revealing secrets, and  finding some lost worlds. It really fosters imagination. The graphics of Minecraft are not particularly impressive. However, lame graphics are in a way done purposefully because it forces user to build everything from scratch.

Users ‘live’ in the area surrounded by mountains, trees, and various animals. They are provided with tools and need to accumulate different resources. Plus, they also have to build weapons to defend the settlement from different creatures. The game requires hours of hard work but seeing the results is a priceless experience.

If you aim only on building the fortress and not bothering with defending it, then the Creative mode is appropriate for you. It provides users with unlimited access to tools and building blocks that are essential to build shelters against monsters attacking at night.

Additionally, the Nether which is a new dimension of Minecraft lets users to quickly travel through different worlds. It is full of hot lava and odd-looking creatures, hence it looks like a hell.

Taken into account instructions, Minecraft fails in giving users clear directions. However, there are plenty of community made guides that helps users to get through the game.

All in all, the blocky graphics are quite primitive but Minecraft somehow manages to tickle users fancy. Unluckily, it lacks any guidance but the game is without a doubt worth trying it out.