USB Flash Drive Tester Download

USB Flash Drive Tester is a useful tool for scanning portable flash drives for errors. The program is perfect for testing flash drives or memory cards, e.g. from digital cameras or smartphones. You can test the memory for reading or writing data, and save the scan report to text files. This will allow you to send the data to someone who can check if there are any issues with the read/write processes.

USB Flash Drive Tester is very easy to use. To start the scanning process connect the USB device to your computer then run the application. The program will detect the device and allow you to select it from a drop-down list. Then it is simply a matter of choosing the type of test you want to run. The following modes are available:

  • Read (reading data),
  • Write (writing data)
  • Longest Read
  • Write and Compare (reading, writing and comparing).

Once a scan has been completed and you want to save a report from the performed scan, select the "Write logfile" option and select the folder to which you want to save the LOG file. After setting all options and clicking on the "Start test" button, the application will start scanning. In the lower part of the screen, you can follow the testing process on an ongoing basis with the help of the progress bar. Green blocks in the bar indicate no errors, while yellow and red blocks indicate errors. USB Flash Drive Tester is a very handy tool, to check for external USB drives and portable memory for a range of different problems.