DFX Audio Enhancer Download

DFX Audio Enhancer is a free tool that is responsible for improving the sound not only of music but also of movie playback. Interestingly, the program improves sound quality (according to user preferences) not only in popular media players, such as Real Player, Winamp or Windows Media Player but also in popular streaming websites such as Vimeo, Last .fm etc

Although the interface may seem complicated, using DFX Audio Enhancer program is very simple and even an inexperienced user who wants to improve the sound quality will be able to use and configure it without any problem. At any time you can activate or deactivate the program by pressing the "Power" button - after pressing the button the sound system enhancement is activated or deactivated. With this tool, we can improve the bass, middle and treble. As well as removing noise or soft sounds that have a negative impact on overall sound quality.

The program interface is very simple and easy to use. On the main screen, there are several options, among other things, for the processing modes and audio settings of different devices - headphones, external speakers, etc. In addition, the program allows you to activate 3D surround sound, which enhances the sound and allows you to emulate 5.1 sound from stereo speakers.

DFX Audio Enhancer works with most popular media players and programs: iTunes, Spotify, Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, Pandora Desktop, Winamp, VLC Media Player, RealPlayer, foobar2000, JetAudio, etc.