Silverlight Download

Silverlight is a special add-on for all browsers that allows you to display animations and films prepared with the use of Microsoft Silverlight technology. From the beginning, the technology was created with the intention of being a competitor to the popular Adobe Flash. However, it has recently been retired so doesn't really have a function in modern Internet browsing. But if you do encounter the need for it this download will come in handy.

With the help of Silverlight, it is possible to play high-quality movies on websites, as well as to create multimedia-rich, interactive web applications. An example of the use of Silverlight is the use of this technology on Onet's websites in order to play video materials.

  • From version 3.0, Silverlight can be used to create applications that run outside the browser, i.e. in classic desktop programs.
  • The environment supports AJAX technology, Python, Ruby and .NET languages.
  • It is very flexible, so it can be easily integrated with existing web applications, hence the popularity of Silverlight in providing audio and film materials on websites.

The add-on is compatible with all available browsers. Though updating your current Internet browser to the latest version will remove the need for you to use Silverlight as it has been replaced on the Modern Internet.