McAfee AntiVirus Plus Download

McAfee AntiVirus Plus is an anti-virus program that protects the Internet users from malicious software, macroviruses, worms, trojans, as well as Java and ActiveX applets. In addition the program scans your incoming and outcoming e-mail messages (POP3, SMTP), as well as keeps an eye for spying applications.

The data base of the viruses definitions is updates automatically on a daily basis to make sure you can feel safe in the Internet. The application offers real-time scanning and virus detection while opening, copying and saving all the files that have been downloaded from the Internet. McAfee AntiVirus Plus has been designed to work effectively with Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office suite to make sure your data is safe and that the computer works stably and efficiently.

This application has a user-friendly interface that will not pose problems for even beginning users, since all the important messages and pieces of information are displayed in the main window of the program.

Among the main features of McAfee AntiVirus Plus we can outnumber McAfee Active Protection (a module for real-time protection), Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware (a module for protecting the PC from malware and spyware), Firewall (a real-time blockade for incoming and outcoming Internet processes), McAfee SiteAdvisor (a module for assessing risk concerning opening a website), Idle Timer & Scheduler (an alarming system for setting up scans and updates).