SubEdit-Player Download

SubEdit-Player is a perfect movie player and subtitle editor. This application lets you work in windows mode as well as full screen mode and brings advanced facilities to enhance unsynchronized subtitles. This subtitle editor can not only convert  subtitles format  but also create, export, import, adjust in time and search them.

SubEdit-Player includes a lot of features that will help you play movies such as auto-loading of subtitles file, the ability to choose language, display of transparent subtitles, closing down the computer when the movies ends, smooth  zoom, playing on TV, creates movie chapters,  playlist, lector, playing all files in current folder, ability to resume after system hangup, association of video files, supports many formats ( mDVD, MPL2, TMPlayer, SSA, SRT, SMI) and the ability to confirm subtitles (from narrow to wide).

What is more, the program provides useful mechanisms to facilitate edition of subtitles. Services and converts formats like mDVD, TMPlayer (and similar), MPL2, SSA, imports and exports SRT (Sub Ripper) and SMI (SAMI), enables constant shift of subtitles. SubEdit-Player brings intelligent auto -correction of  fast displayed subtitles and adjusts then in time ( depending on the text length.
The program comes with mistakes repair tool that regains the text from DVD, fast search for wrong format rows, highlights unrecognized and unsorted lines on other colours, selects displayed subtitles lines and tracks displayed editor subtitles.

Additionally, SubEdit-Player facilitates inserting movie’s present frame to subtitle frame, playing film from previously selected subtitle by cursor, moving to presently displayed subtitle and also offers advanced techniques of searching subtitles.