Photobie Download

Photoshop still remains a top choice for many users, but those who don't want to spend horrendous sums of money, might be looking for an alternative. Photobie is one of the better alternatives, a free graphic editor with basic editing tools and support for layers. However, it features several powerful features like cropping, resizing, color adjustments, effects, filters and more. Plus, it sports different screen capture modes and brings a GIF animation tool. It is geared toward both beginners and professionals, thanks to a rich collection of features it hides under the hood.

A straightforward and user friendly interface invites you to use the app. A wide selection of palettes, toolbars, and menus allows quick access to the program's nifty features. First time users may find it difficult to learn how things work, but with a bit of effort it can be mastered. Thankfully, the Photobie Web site offers detailed instructions and video tutorials.

Regarding functionality, you can work with multiple layers, add effects, change colors, and also work with some advanced filters on the spot. Among the best things about Photobie is the 'Animation editor' that lets you built your own animations form the scratch and add 3D effects.

Overall, Photobie is considered as a decent utility for users who are looking for a free image editor with features that cover the needs of a wide audience, even those more demanding users.