Dg Foto Art Gold Download

DG Foto Art - Gold is the most comprehensive and advanced suite to create Digital Album. This powerful engine has the capacity to create beautiful albums in minutes and so is known for its maximum output. Gold is built up by adding advanced features to Classic version for complete image management. Tools like Levels, Curves and Histograms have been added that aid in color correction. Gold also has many image editing tools like the Cloning Tool and Magic Wand and also carries a bunch of newly added image enhancement tools like Glows, Outlines and X-Y rotation. - Easy Drag & Drop for faster album creation - More than 1700 Ready to Use Templates - Huge Library of Borders, Masks, Cliparts & Backgrounds - Design your Own Templates - Lasso, Auto-Feather & other Enhancement Tools - Work on Multiple Pages Simultaneously - Slide-Show Generator for Proofing - Printing at any Lab of your Choice - Available in multiple languages - Smaller Project size