Proxifier Download

Proxifier is an application that provides extra online privacy and allows access to any online resources, improves network performance and is always up to date with new technologies.

As some of the Windows applications don’t provide built-in proxy support, you won’t be able to start them without it. Proxifier allows you to get access to any online resources and enables any program to access the Internet through your own proxy.

Some network applications without support for proxy servers can operate through a SOCKS or HTTP proxy server or a chain of proxy servers. When it comes to privacy protection,  Proxifier provides a set of useful options such as the ability to hide user’s IP address. It also monitors bandwidth usage and network connections and unblock applications such as  browser, a P2P client, an FTP utility, or instant-messaging software. Along with these features Proxifier can view information on current network activities  in real-time, resolve DNS names through a proxy server and maintain log files and traffic dumps.

There are some flaws that ought to be mentioned. Unfortunately it lacks automatic updates of proxy servers and switch between proxies to find the relevant one. The configuration process may be daunting for less experienced users, but with a bit of effort can be mastered by most.

Overall, with support for a wide range of applications and a set of useful features, leaving minimal footprint on computer resources Proxifier is a very useful tool in terms of Internet filtering and connectivity.