SopCast Download

Nowadays, TV sets are more often replaced by computers, especially since they promise more freedom when it comes to choosing channels, no matter where you are or what network are you using.

SopCast unleashed new horizons for watching TV, allowing you to use browsers for viewing TV channels, and also to broadcast your own. Since it relies on peer to peer (P2P) technology , it does not require huge bandwidths or servers.

With SopCast watching online TV channels is a breeze. It comprises a set of advanced tools to help you easily broadcast your very own online videos.
In other words, apart from listening to radio or watching TV online, it also lets you broadcast video content over the Internet.
The whole process is simple as a pie, since
SopCast supports most popular formats, such as WMV, ASF, RM and RMVB.
Once you have filmed your video, edited and saved on your computer, all you need to do is stream it using SopCast and define a server address thanks to which your friends can connect and watch. What is more, the software empowers users with the ability to create their own private channels and create a network group that can access your videos. It gives even greater personality. And on top of this, it uses BitTorrent technology.

To conclude, SopCast is definitely deserves to give it a try. It offers a convenient way to watch TV online, not to mention the possibility to start your own channel.